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If they don’t know you personally, don’t take it personal.
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Naomi, Riccardo Tisci, Saki Asamiy , and Yuumi photographed by Nobuyoshi Araki , Vogue Japan September 2014




Forgive me for showing his face on your dash, but this Confession speaks for all of us.
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Forgive me for showing his face on your dash, but this Confession speaks for all of us.

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Eid Mubarak! to all of my Muslim followers! Ramadan has ended, enjoy your celebration, my friends!

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Obama and _____

Obama and Oprah Winfrey
Obama and Denzel Washington
Obama and Stevie Wonder
Obama and Jackie Chan
Obama and Michael Jordan
Obama and Patti LaBelle
Obama and Spike Lee
Obama and Beyonce/Jay Z
Obama and Alicia Keys
Obama and Al Sharpton

The white house has never seen so many black people…

except for when it was built.


*sips tea*

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Holy shit this is literally me.
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Holy shit this is literally me.

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Well we don’t know, it’s sort of a cliff hanger. We don’t know a thing until we read the scripts. It’s so fun to be on social media with fans because we have no idea what’s coming and we can identify with the level of excitement from the fans.

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At the risk of getting my ass kicked. This is wrong. The actors SHOULD know where their characters are in the arc in order to best portray their motivations. Placating the fandom meaninglessly here for the showrunner’s incorrect ethos, once again. This is NOT how it should be.

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Taking myself out of my self imposed exile. You won’t get your ass kicked. Actors should know what’s going on with their characters so that they — as actors — can give their BEST work. I think it’s sad that KW and the rest of them act like it’s cute that they don’t know what’s going on and that they sometimes have to say the same line over and over (ex: “dad?”) in different tones and affects because SR has yet to decide the outcome. See, that shit right there is problematic.

I remember back when Sleepy Hollow first came on and the creators were giving interviews. Orci or one of them CLEARLY and EXPLICITLY stated that they tell their actors what’s on the horizon so that they are fully informed and so that they can use said information to inform their acting choices. Unlike SR, the Sleepy Hollow creators do not want to handicap their cast by having them be blind.

But also, lets keep it 100% — the Scandal cast doesn’t know shit because SR doesn’t know shit and she makes it up at the last minute. That’s the reason why — when you put the eps together — shit falls apart, has more holes than Swiss cheese, with those holes being the size of the craters on the moon.

One last thing — when I was tweeting, I pretty much called out everything that was going to happen. Only if you are an idiot could you not figure out most of the shit on that show. So I dunno what excitement she’s talking about.

Back to my hole I go.

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The exact things nikkisshadetree said!!

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Nothing but truth, sad to say.

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It’s hard to respect a series that is written like a term paper due in a couple of hours each friggin’ episode. When you press your luck and things go well a few times, it’s good to stop tempting fate. Look at the decline in intrigue and quality on Grey’s ! Look at what happened to Private Practice. This is not improv where going off the top is cool and people accept hiccups in quality of performance,  this is a scripted series. It’s disrespectful for her to treat the show like a paper for a class she plans on dropping at the end of the semester. I’ve seen more continuity on “Whose Line is it Anyway ?”. If all else fails, there’s always fanfic, right ?

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Holy shit. You said the series was written like a term paper due in hours. Slain— But you aren’t wrong.

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Shonda be writing this show like she thought it was due next Thursday but then a email for the T.A. said it’s due at Midnight instead. I wonder if the scripts have mad typos.

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I can’t say I have ever read a more accurate description of what the scripts feel like. True or not, that’s definitely the impression one gets.

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The fact that they filmed a supposedly “covert” agent with no political experience as a sitting president’s vice president says it’s true.  They write on the fly.

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algebra is like a 4n language to me

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